Cold Saturday

As most of the United States is dealing with massive cold. We here in Alabama are not quiet used to the weather we are having! They are expecting some ice conditions over night!

That means I needed to make sure I have As much done as possible! Prepare the outside animals.. protect any water outlets etc… then inside make sure I have all my supplies just in case of power outages..

Woke this morning knowing I needed to get bread baked. Also things that could be cooked over a fire outside if needed… yesterday I baked sourdough peanut butter cookies so we are set for sweets… I have filled jugs with fresh water in case we can’t use our water… I think I’m about as set as I can be.. we have checked batteries and also candles.. we have matches and lighters… flashlights are ready to go… extra warm clothes incase we lose power and heat…

Animals have ample food and shelter… heavy curtains can be pulled to help keep heat inside…

Now I sit and pray!!!

Sourdough French toast and sausage for breakfast!!!
Sourdough peanut butter cookies
Last nights dinner of pork loin with mushroom gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans and corn
Thursday nights dinner

Tonight I am making pasta with deer meat marinara sauce and garlic toast from sourdough bread…

One thing is for sure we are eating well!!! The pantry has been a huge blessing to us!!! I am so thankful we have it!!

Have a blessed day all time to get busy again!! Love to each of you!! How are you handing the cold???

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  1. Suzette Sherrill says:

    Stay safe my friend! Always in my prayers! I attempted the sourdough starter and it did not take. Will try again, bought fresh flour in case that is the reason why it didn’t work. Do you have any tips for sourdough?


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