This week I have been busy working with my sourdough…. so far I have sourdough English muffins by the way they are amazing!!! Also I made sourdough bread! Again I have to say I am very pleased!!!!

Sourdough English muffins
English muffin with farm fresh eggs, bacon and cheese
Beautiful sourdough bread

Then this morning I made sourdough pancakes! These things were amazing!!! Will be making more as hubby and I ate everyone of them!!

Sourdough pancakes

I have also been working on a yarn rug.. it is getting rather large and so soft!!

Yarn rug

Well all other than that life here has been about normal. Waiting to start chemo… that’s not going to be fun! Spent the day with my youngest daughter oh how I loved that!!! With that my life has been normal.. laundry, floors to clean, animals to tend to! You know the normal beautiful life!!!! This week will be no different.. and I love that…. I do have some projects in the works for Valentine’s Day.. I see baking in my future!!!!

I pray this finds each of y’all well and warm!!!! Have a blessed day all!!

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  1. Suzette Sherrill says:

    I never made sourdough before, started a starter this past Friday. Hope it turns out.


    1. I love sourdough! I keep it going at all times! Don’t forget to use your discard for some amazing items


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