Cool Wednesday

I pray that each of you are safe and sound! Stay as dry and warm as possible!

My day here on the little urban homestead today was a normal one. Nurse came early on.. I had chores outside.. chickens needed new bedding in the nesting boxes. There feeder needed filling. The water bucket for the outside cats needed cleaning and filling… gave them squirrels and birds some day old bread… from there I just did a once over making sure things were picked up from the storms.. tomorrow I will go out and stack all the fallen limbs for firewood. Will make some nice bonfires!!

Inside there was cleaning to do as every day. And I’m thankful for it! I have been turning off social media. It had just got to be to much on me.. however I have very much enjoyed just putting on some good music with birds in the back ground… just lights up my day… laundry was done and hung to dry on the wood racks.. kitchen cleaned and same with the bathroom… honestly just a good over all cleaning… I did work on getting the kitchen cabinet doors done.. heaven they were nasty!!!

Dinner tonight will be ham steaks, mashed potatoes and green bean casserole…

I have been enjoying herbal tea lately. I am a lover of coffee but for some reason after two cups I just get sick to my tummy.. this has only happened one other time and that was when I was undergoing chemotherapy… however I have been blessed to find a good cup of herbal tea with a tad of honey seems to give me that warm drink I am craving and not make me sick. A win win!!!

Well all I send my love to each! Have a safe and a blessed night! If you drink herbal tea what is your favorite?? I would love to hear!

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