Monday adventures

Good afternoon all. Well the morning started early for me. Woke in horrible pain… however I just keep telling myself I woke that’s all that matters!!!!

Once I was up and out of bed I got busy making banana muffins for hubby and I for breakfast and a loaf of banana bread for the remaining week for breakfast bread.

From there it was tending to the chickens and the other animals here. Cleaning the master bedroom and making the bed once hubby left for work. Shower for me then to the real work of the day…

Floors needed sweeping and mopping! Laundry needed to be washed and hung on the drying rack. The laundry that was washed yesterday needed to be removed from drying rack and put away! Plants all needed a good watering and the dead removed for them..

Lunch today was chicken fettuccine frozen in leftover containers… it was so good. Dinner will be deer stew and baked cornbread muffins.

In the kitchen there is sourdough starter that needs to be fed… bread that needs to be punched down so it can rise again… the house feels good!

I am so loving my kitchen.. and the undercounted refrigerator… it is helping us keep up with our leftovers and waste!!!

Well all need to gather afternoon eggs and give the chickens a treat! I so love my hens!!! Praying for more this spring!!!

Remember in the midst of trials god always and I mean always is there! Look for the little joys and find laughter!!! It is good for the heart and soul!

Love to each of you!!!!

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